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Welcome to Technomaxx Forensics

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A complete suite of tools for Crime Scene Investigation

Fingerprint Recording

The ink slab and roller method requires less skills and the prints obtained tend to be clear and of sharper contrast. That makes them ideally suited for computer enhancement and data base storage.

Latent Fingerprint Development & Lifting

LATENT fingerprint powders carry a very high reputation for being highly sensitive in the development of prints on a wide variety of surfaces. These fingerprint powders are available in various colors to fit the needs of the fingerprint expert.

Visual Aid / Magnifiers and Rulers

Fingerprint evidence is still the most valuable form of criminal identification and to achieve the most accurate results when fingerprints are classified and compared, only the best quality magnifiers should be considered.

Forensic Light Sources

A high intensity linear light source for illuminating shoe prints, fibers, blood spatter & particulate evidence. It comes with high intensity forensic light source that provides an alternative beam profile for locating evidence at the crime scene.

Impression Evidence & Foot Print Investigation Kits

This kit contains all the supplies you'll need to cast footprints and tire prints as well as other impressions in the dirt, sand, mud and snow. This complete outfit is used for making exact reproductions of footprints and tire prints in mud, sand and dirt.

Semen Detection Kit

The frequency of sexual crime is increasing alarmingly and the field expert is compelled to gather and preserve highly fragile, unstable physical evidence. The following products are designed to aid in evidence identification and collection.

Blood Detection Kit

All stains suspected of being blood should be chemically checked in the field, especially when their nature is doubtful. Field test of dried stains at the crime scene are often essential in locating and making preliminary presumptive of blood.

Explosive Detection Kit

The methodology provides a very safe testing method that will pose no danger at all to the user. The detectors are able to detect the full range of the well-known types of military, commercial and the homemade explosives.

Narcotic Detection Kit

Identa has developed a new and unique drug detector field test kit (DDFK) a chemical device, for identification of the different kinds of illicit drugs on the field. Those kits give a very fair answer for an acute problem faced by the different legal enforcement agencies.